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Parent carers

A parent carer is a parent who cares for a child or young person aged 18 or under, with any additional need. This might also be any adult with parental responsibility such as a grandparent or guardian. Sometimes the needs of the young person are life-long and the challenges being faced develop as the child/young person grows. 

Parent carers seldom feel like 'carers'. They are first and foremost parents.
Health and social care professionals are also less likely to see you as a carer. This is important, because once you recognise you are a carer, and that your role may be causing additional practical, emotional or financial worries, then you are more likely to look for support.
If you're over 18 and looking after a disabled child that you have parental responsibility for, you can ask Plymouth City Council for a parent carer's needs assessment. 
In order to determine which team you may need to access to request a parent carer assessment, please choose from the following below:

Is your child known to any of the below teams:
-Children’s Disability Team (CDT) 
-Occupational Therapy (OT)
-Early Years Integrated Service (EYIS) e.g. EYIS 
-Communication Interaction Team Early Years, 
-0-25 Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), Short Breaks

If your child is in receipt of any of the above services please contact the SEND team or the child's social worker: 
Phone - 01752 305252

If your child is currently not in receipt of any of the above services, please contact the MASH team:
Phone - 01752 668000

A trained person from the council or a partner organisation will chat to you about how caring affects your family and the sort of help you need. They can also carry out a needs assessment for your child at the same time. For further information Click here.

If you wish to register as a parent carer with Caring for Carers service, then please click on the link below. Caring for Carers may be able to support you with information/advice, support groups, activities and training relevant to your caring role. Click here.