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Information for Professionals and Referral Form

Identifying Carers

Carers often don’t recognise the label ‘carer‘ ; we primarily define ourselves in terms of the relationships we have, for example the partner or child of a person with an illness or disability. Think carer when you come into contact with someone with an illness or disability. Ask if there is someone helping to look after them. Often carers will assume that there is no support for them and would welcome signposting to Caring for Carers.

If you want to refer a carer to us please click here

Carers Awareness Training for Professionals

We support people and organisations that work with carers in Plymouth. And are able to provide a range of training and support on carer’s issues and run workshops on interactions with carers. Areas we cover:

·         Who is a carer and what the issues are

·         What services and support are available locally

·         How you can support carers

·         Treating carers as partners in care and what this means

We can undertake presentations at staff meetings and if certain staff members have a key role in working with carers we can arrange to meet with them 1:1 to discuss the opportunities and resources available.

We have also developed a Carer Awareness PowerPoint Presentation for professionals to download and use with their teams.

You can download a pdf version of the presentation here.

For further information or to book a carers awareness session for you or your team please call: 01752 201890 


Carers Awareness Training Poster