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Training and Practical Skills

We provide a training/workshop programme of practical skills for carers. Current training opportunities are listed below:

We also run one off training sessions so please check this page regularly for other training opportunities

We run free dementia insight workshops for any carer who is supporting someone who has dementia. The workshop covers Types of dementia, the most common early symptoms and how the dementia progresses, Speech and behavioural changes, reasons why and ways to support these changes, How sight may be affected and ways to overcome some of the problems this may cause, Ensuring fluid intake and a balanced nutritional diet, Recognise simple cost-effective changes that can enhance the environment and contribute to the wellbeing of the person with dementia and their carer, Looking after yourself as a carer

For further information and to book a place, please contact Caring for Carers on 01752 201890 or email caringforcarers@improvinglivesplymouth.org.uk.

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