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Looking after yourself

Caring for someone, even someone you love can be tiring and there will be many times when maintaining a positive outlook will be difficult. The constant demands of caring and the changes a person’s illness brings to family life will bring about a range of feelings and emotions.

Emotions might include a sense of satisfaction at being a carer, but you may also feel anger and be overwhelmed by the situation.

Caring for someone can be physically and emotionally exhausting and it is important to look after yourself. At times, you will need a break from not only your daily tasks, but also from the person you’re caring for – perhaps for a few hours, a day, or longer. Regular breaks from caring can help relieve the stress and exhaustion you may feel from time to time. Breaks can also provide benefits for the person being cared for – they can give people new experiences and something to look forward to, and memories to look back on.

To discuss your needs as a carer please arrange to have a Carers Assessment by calling us on 01752 201890.