A charity at the heart of our community, supporting and inspiring people to improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

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Leaving a lasting legacy by making a gift in your Will to Improving Lives Plymouth is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can help support our work. Thanks to the generosity of legacies to Improving Lives Plymouth we have been able to bring our new premises in the Mannamead area of Plymouth, fully in to use.

When thinking about your Will, we understand that your family and friends will always come first. All we ask is when you've looked after those closest to you, that you think about what a gift in your Will could do to help individuals attain a better quality of life.

How to leave a gift in your Will

A gift can be as small or large as you like - leaving just 1% of your estate can make a big difference.

When leaving a gift you will need to make a note of our name, address and registered charity number:

  • Offical Charity Name: Improving Lives Plymouth
  • Address: Ernest English House, Buckwell Street, Plymouth, PL1 2DA
  • Registered Charity Number: 1066776

Making a new Will 

The first and probably simplest way to leave us a gift is to write a new Will. Once a new Will is written, it makes any Wills made by that person in the past void. Most Wills will start by reciting that you’re writing a Will and that you’re revoking previous Wills.

Updating your existing Will

It is relatively simple to add a change to an existing Will by using a codicil form, which you can use for simple changes. For more complex changes we would recommend you consult with your solicitor.  

Please note, when you cancel a Will which contains a codicil, the codicil does not get cancelled automatically, so when you write a new Will it can create inconsistencies and legal problems. To avoid this, make sure that any new Will clearly states that you are revoking all Wills and codicils previously made.

Tax benefits 

Gifts to charities in your Will are tax free. If the value of your estate is more than the inheritance tax threshold, a gift to charity could reduce your inheritance tax liability. Your solicitor or accountant can tell you more.

Letting us know your plans

We understand that your Will is personal to you. If you've decided to remember Improving Lives Plymouth in your Will, we would love to hear from you, so we can thank you and keep you updated on our work. You can download and fill out this Gifts in Wills Form, and send it back to us.