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Why not take part in or organise an event ‘in aid of’ Improving Lives Plymouth. Ever wanted to do something, but never had the courage? Why not have that extra motivation by doing it in aid of Improving Lives Plymouth. We are always delighted to hear of our supporters putting on the ritz to raise funds for us, whether it be an individual, school, church, company or group of family, friends or work colleagues. Whatever you decide to do, let us know and we will support you as much as we can, from promoting your event, to telling the world of your success, providing sponsorship forms and top tips to ensure a successful fundraiser.

Here is a list of all the things you might like to try

You can set up your very own Just Giving page to support Improving Lives Plymouth as a charity, click here to start fundraising today. All donations will automatically be sent to Improving Lives Plymouth

Top Tips to Success

  • Think ahead – what is it you really want to do?
  • Give yourself plenty of time – how much training, planning, organising is involved, what is a good date for people to attend, what is the best space, what do you need
  • Make a budget – what costs are involved, what can you borrow rather than buy
  • Set your target – what do you hope to raise and how will you achieve it after costs
  • Spread the word – tell everyone what and why you are doing this – it will motivate you!
  • Share your success – take lots of pictures and don’t forget to let Improving Lives Plymouth know.

Tell us about your event/challenge: ilp@improvinglivesplymouth.org.uk