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What people are saying...

“I am pleased to say that over the weeks of the course I already feel more in control of my life, and as a consequence feel an improvement in my mental, physical and emotional health. In the long term I hope this will mean fewer visits to the surgery; and a better quality of life”.

"Attending the programme has helped me to accept that although my illness has affected my quality of life it does not and should not stop me from living my life."

"The course gave me the confidence to take back my own life and not rely on other people all the time."

"Just knowing you are not alone is encouraging enough."

"The course, in my view, has the potential to help thousands more people with long term and chronic conditions."

“ I now feel able to accept, adjust and adapt!

"Without any reservations I will gladly recommend the course to others!"

"Thank you for finding a part of me I thought I had lost. The course has provided me with confidence and a lot more understanding of why I sometimes feel the way I do. I have been taken out of my "comfort zone" which I now realise is definitely no bad thing. Once again many thanks for all the information and help you have both passed on."