A charity at the heart of our community, supporting and inspiring people to improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

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Better Futures - What We Provide

A Social Hub

Better Futures offers a friendly, relaxed and safe environment where individuals can drop in to chat to others and develop friendships. This helps our members to feel a sense of belonging and is important for their well-being and to prevent isolation. Members are encouraged to interact with one another through activities and are supported to develop relationships with others that can be continued outside of Better Futures.

Access to Devices with FREE Internet

Support is provided to use laptops, tablets, mobiles and digital cameras. We also to help to and access the internet and social media safely. Members can learn basic IT skills and support is provided with completing on-line forms such as housing and job applications.

Support to Improve Health and Wellbeing

Regular groups and information sessions offer advice and guidance on healthy eating, health awareness and exercise with support from Better Futures staff in conjunction with other health professionals.

  • A weekly weigh in enables goals to be set for weight loss and increased exercise.
  • Weekly yoga/ mindfulness group and occasional pamper session help reduce stress and anxiety..
  • Regular Information sessions on road and fire safety, crime reporting and prevention and personal safety are also offered.
  • Better Futures also run a bespoke Healthy Living Club funded by Livewell Southwest Foundation. The club was designed for adults with a learning disability, who have a BMI + 26.  The club is suitable for people looking to improve their health and well being.     

Help with Volunteering and Work

Better Futures work closely with a variety of organisations to support those individuals who are keen to try work opportunities or volunteering. Help is provided to seek opportunities, complete CV's and application forms and improve work related skills such as social skills, basic numeracy and literacy.

Social Activities

Social activities include an annual Christmas party as well as a summer BBQ and disco.

These events are very popular and enable members to enjoy an evening of entertainment within the community, in a safe, accessible setting supported by staff.


Information and Advice

Staff and volunteers are available
to listen and provide support with
general enquiries such as bus
timetables, cinema listings, help
with relationships, support with
letters & bills, information on benefits, help finding things to do around the city, referrals to other
organisations and much more. 
Better Futures also provides help and support to parents, carers and other professionals.

Support to Develop Skills

Such groups aid the development of independent living skills and social skills and are planned according to our members wishes.

Members are offered a review, where they can identify the areas they would most like help and support. This enables people to set their own goals and enables staff to measure progress made.
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If you are thinking of attending any of our activities, please click the link below, fill out the form and email, post or bring it into us.  

Better Futures also provides help and support to parents, carers and other professionals.  Please contact us if you would like to know more about how we can offer you support.