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Improving Lives Plymouth - 110 Club

By becoming a member of the Improving Lives 110 Club, you are supporting your local charity to support thousands of people each year, who have disabilities and long-term health conditions, and their family carers.

Your support can make a real difference when it counts, for the isolated, the vulnerable and those who need that extra support!

When you become a member of the 110 Club we will:

Your local charity, Improving Lives Plymouth, was formed in 1907 and has supported thousands of people every year over the last 110 years.  We need your support to continue to help those who need it most in the years ahead.  By joining the 110 club you can play your part in celebrating one of Plymouth’s oldest charities, and partnering with us to reach out further to those in the city who need our support.  The Annual Membership Fee is £240.

If you are interested in joining the 110 Club or would like to know more email: chris.burnett@improvinglivesplymouth.org.uk


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Issue 4: April 2020

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